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A presence of a Tour leader

Tour leader is a director of your trip, here to make your experience more colorful. However, you shouldn't think of them as just a person riding around with you from a place to a place. They are here as a helping hand - a friend to share your joy and pleasure throughout the trip.

Full of knowledge and experience, they aim to resolve any of your problems you might have throughout the trip.

Your Tour leaders – approachable and full of individuality

We as people all have different personalities, no doubt about it. Our tour leaders also come in all shapes as sizes. People with different nationalities, versed in their own special field of knowledge, with their own point of view.

Even if you were to take the same trip twice, the next time you take it, ending up with a different Tour leader might change your experience completely! Regardless of the Tour leader you go with, one thing is for sure: they’re here to provide you with a fun and unique experience.

“He who never leaves his country is full of prejudices” (Carlo Goldoni)Romain C. ー Tour leader ー 
What fascinates me about Japan
As a student of Japanese history, literature and civilization, Romain is interested in Japanese culture in general, although his specialty is history - especially pre-war and post-war period. Being a young working person in Japanese society, he always finds time to chat with local elderlies about their life during and after the World War II. His other areas of interest include clash of generations, the drop of the birth rate, Japanese pop-culture and many more. Japanese modern society does not hold any secrets for him, even he says Japan is still surprising him. According to him, trying to understand Japan’s culture is an endless quest. Japan lets you have wonderful discoveries with every new meeting, with each passing moment.

My recommendation
If we ask to Romain about his favorite places in Japan, he would probably point to the touristically famous places like Nara and Kanazawa. The authenticity of the historic sites of this two cities represents an undeniably priceless historic heritage. The Hōryū temple in Nara prefecture, for an example, represents one of the oldest wooden made structures of the world, making it well worth seeing. What’s more, he believes that experiencing Japanese daily life can help you tremendously in the effort to understand the Japanese culture. A typical Japanese breakfast, public transport, Obento (lunch box with assorted dishes) for lunch, and finally an evening in an Izakaya (a kind of Japanese gastropub). This is probably the best way to experience Japanese culture and life in Japan. He enjoys encounters with various people and always feels grateful to the hearty welcomes that the locals give to him. Finally, if you are naturally adventurous, he will be your ally in finding all of the archipelagos of Japan and their back roads, characterized by their magnificent views, far away from the hackneyed sightseeing areas. One of his favorite memories was his trip to Kagawa prefecture when he got the chance to see the magnificence and harmony of the Ritsurin garden and Kotohira (Konpira) shrine. These are his two favorite places to help him revitalize himself.

Unforgettable experience in Japan
According to his words, it is quite difficult to determine his most unforgettable experience in Japan. He insists that Japan is an endless quest and every event, location and people he comes across, stay with him forever. If he had to choose only one, it would have to be the amazing scenery of the Kiyomizu temple in Kyōto at night, with the colossal wooden structure highlighted.

About me
After graduating from the Strasbourg University with the minor in Japanese language, literature and civilization, Romain made his first steps towards the working life in Japan. Aiming to share his passion, culture, and bits of knowledge from everyday life, he’s very excited to be able to escort Japanese people and foreigners alike during their trips. With an athletic and adventurous lifestyle, you will experience real adventure with him.

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