❀Shrines and temples of Japan❀

When imagining Japan, Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines might come to mind. Centuries pass, yet they still stand there, unaffected by time. Let us explore their charms in a new way.

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Reference : 14462 9days

One of the tours in Time Travel series, revolving around various eras of Japan from the past and their respective historic remains.

Kyoto Nara Hiroshima West japan history Edo



Reference : 13731 10days

Visit to the Kinki region and Chūgoku region. Kinki region is known as the home of Kyōto and Nara and the Chūgoku region is located in between Kinki region and Kyūshū, and although it is incredibly beautiful, it not as touristically visited.

Buddhist temple Shinto shrine Chugoku Kinki Kyoto Nara



Reference : 14305 1daysDay trip

We will head out on a Kamakura/Enoshima day trip tour that already captured the hearts of many foreign visitors to Japan.

Kamakura Enoshima Hase Tsuruoka Hanchimangu Buddha day trip

❀Shrines and temples of Japan❀

If you were to try and think of the structures representative of Japan, Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines might come to mind. Nowadays, big cities and small cities have all been modernized, but these centuries-old structures still stand there proudly. There are many tourists interested in seeing just that and that's exactly how this tour came to be.

You will be introduced to the pride of Japanese people, and its history that might make you fall in love with Japan even more.

If there was a single Buddhist temple or a Shinto shrine that non-Japanese tourist might know, it would probably have to be the one in Kyoto, the Great shrine of Fushimi Inari. Hundreds upon hundreds of fairy-like vermillion Torii (gates leading to the main hall of the Shinto shrine) have already captured the hearts of many.

Even though Funishimi Inari is the one that is known by many, there are many others all over Japan that don’t pale in comparison to it – they are just not as known. Our job is to introduce you to those temples and shrines that have a long and rich history and also give you an insight into their importance.

This kind of sacred and dignified atmosphere of the temples and shrines is something that cannot be experienced anywhere else outside of Japan. Therefore, we as the Japanese people would like to invite you to experience it for yourself!

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1 Jan.1970

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