Cruise at the Yokosuka military port, or walk on the island comparable to Miyazaki’s castle in the sky. Lunch included.

Yokosuka is the most important maritime defense center at the entrance to Tokyo Bay, which protected Japan from the Edo period until now.
At the time of Edo, while Japan was closing its borders to the rest of the world, it was the city of Uraga that was responsible for the defense of Tokyo Bay.
Today Uraga is a small quiet country town freed from this heavy task.
We will go take a look at ruins such as gun batteries where covered by nature.

We will then go to downtown Yokosuka, which has become one of the main military ports of the Japanese Navy. Since 1945, an American naval base has been installed there, which constitutes a strong culture mixing in this coastal zone.
After lunch, we will board the famous "Mikasa", a warship of the early twentieth century, near which are the military installations of the US Navy and Japan Self-Defense Forces. During the shipboard tour, you will see the most resent impressive ships both of American and Japanese.
If you are interested in nature or historical heritage, you can choose to replace this previous visit with the trip to Sarushima, a small uninhabited nature island only 10 minutes away by boat. In recent years, the island has attracted many visitors who came to contemplate its sublime nature, its beautiful beaches and the ruins of ancient fortress that will make you think of one the most famous Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece, "the castle in the sky".
Finally, we will walk the commercial streets of "Dobuita street", a mix of American and Japanese culture and it attracts visitors from around the world nowadays.

Where to Go


Detail of the excursion

Departure point: Shinagawa Station
Meeting at the hotel is available with additional fee.
Departure time: 9:00
Duration (approx.) : 8h
Highlights of the excursion:
-Excursion of a day with an English speaking tour leader
-Visit in small group
-Visit of "Uraga": the key of the defense of Tokyo until the 19th century. Seeing the cannon batteries etc.
- Lunch at Yokosuka included (Please inquire for the lunch content)
Visit of the admiral battleship "Mikasa" who won the decisive victory in naval battle during the Russo-Japanese war (a small souvenir included)


The mainstream of tours in Japan are such as visiting shrines, temples, and the nature, and tasting Japanese cuisene. Unlike those tours, this tour will give you a different approach to Japan as you would expect.  


After about an hour by train from Tokyo, we will arrive at "Uraga", a small seaside town at the end of Tokyo Bay where almost closed on two peninsula islands. 
During the Edo period, Japan closed its borders to the rest of the world and the city of Uraga was responsible for monitoring the coastline from foreign enemies.
Today, it is a small rustic town, which still keeps on its peninsula, the vestiges and testimonies of the past, in particular for its military ruins near the Kannonzaki park where we will make a small stroll.
Then, we will reach the city center of Yokosuka, still today a real American-Japanese military port that developed after the opening of Japan's borders to the outside world. We will have lunch in the port of Yokosuka (meal included in the excursion).
In the government of the Empire of Japan era, a navy base was installed at Yokosuka district, and it had jirisdiction over the east Japan until end of WWII.  Since end of the war, the US military forces have been stationed in the region, and bear the tasks with Japan Self-Defence Forces in these days.
After lunch, let's visit the museum warship "Mikasa", built more than a century ago.
This ship served during the Russo-Japanese War from 1904 to 1905, crushed the powerful Russian fleet in the Baltic, and unveiled to the world the strength of the Japanese Navy. Since then, the ship has been kept to praise its achievement and memory of Japanese victory.
You can learn more by visiting the museum inside the ship where a small souvenir gift will be offered.
You will then have the choice between two different courses :
course 1: Visit "Sarushima" island ~ remains of old Japanese navy ~
Visit of Sarushima island, an uninhabited island, accessible by ferry, and is 1.6 kilometers long, 2 kilometers from Yokosuka.
There are gun batteries in Sarushima island which were installed in Edo period and became strongpoint of defense force of Tokyo Bay. After WWII, the island lost its rule as a fortress, but changed into seaside resort.
This island will immerse you directly into the world of the famous Miyazaki’s "the castle in the sky", when you will be in the middle of these ruins covered by nature.
You will walk easily along the small pedestrian paths developed throughout the island.  
couse 2: Japan-US Military base watching cruise
You embark on a 45-minute cruise around the military harbor. In this region, there are many facilities of the Naval Force Self-Defense and the US Navy whose access is of course restricted.
However, visitors are allowed to approach the US Pacific Fleet and the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force ships. You will see impressive advanced combat ships such as missile launchers, submarines, destroyers, and aircraft carriers etc.

At the end of the tour, we will visit "Dobuita street", the commercial district mixing Japanese and American cultures. Originally, this shopping district developed through trade with the US Marines settled in Yokosuka. The neighborhood still retains this retro image of the "American navy" culture of the 50s, and also attracts many Japanese tourists or from around the world.
The new type of tourists become an opportunity to change the culture in the region. 

The tour ends in Yokosuka, but the tour leader will tell you how to get back to Shinagawa or the various train stations in Tokyo.
Travel costs to Shinagawa are also included in the tour, but it may also be advisable to visit a romantic port city such as Yokohama on the way back.

Return details: The tour ends at Shioiri Station in Yokosuka ( The tour leader will explain you the way back to Tokyo)
*Sending service to the hotel is available with additional fee.
Important to know
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Adult pricing applies to all travelers.

  • Minimum number of participants required for tour departure is one.

  • A moderate amount of walking is involved; please wear comfortable walking shoes.

  • Please inform us, at the time of booking, about the participation of any person with reduced mobility or suffering from any condition requiring  special needs during the trip.

  • Please advise any specific dietary requirements at time of booking.

  • This tour is not covered by insurance.

  • Ferry service to Sarushima island and Military base watching cruise can be suspended without prior notification due to inclement weather or for other security reasons. The tour leader will advise you the alternative schedule accordingly.

  • inerary order is subject to change depending on traffic, weather and operation hours.

  • In case of traffic congestion or weather or any other uncontrollable reasons that affect the tour schedule and lead to delay in time, schedule change or visit cancellation etc., the tour will not be cancelled or refunded in such cases.  Please be noted in advance.

Additional informations
  • Small groups, 8 people maximum. The tour can be customized in the case if there is no other participant on the day of trip.

  • Please note that public transportation will be used during this tour and seating is not guaranteed.

  • Please  refer to “Travel information” about any useful information.

  • Pictures are used for illustrative purpose only.

  • English speaking tour leader

  • All transportations during the tour (from Shioiri st. to Shinagawa st. included)

  • Admission fees to museum warship "Mikasa"

  • Cruise around the Japan-U.S. military port or ferry to and from the island of "Sarushima" and the entrance fee to the island

  • lunch

Not included
  • The insurances

  • The personal expenses

  • Meals and drinks not mentioned

  • Transportations not mentioned

  • Transfers to and from the hotel

*Meeting and/or sending service to the hotel by the tour leader are available with additional fees (each service:5000yen / 1group )

  • Gratuities (Voluntary)


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