Interesting places in Tokyo: National Museum of Nature and Science

National Museum of Nature and Science is located in the northeast corner of Ueno park in Tokyo. The museum offers an exhibitions of evolution on Earth, ecosystems, history of development of science and modern technologies.

The museum was renovated in the 1990s - 2000s, and currently it has the Global and the Japanese galleries. The
galleries are placed in the two different buildings: Japanese Gallery in the former main building of the museum, and the Global Gallery in the new building opened in 1999.

All Japanese labels, signs and indications there are translated in English, and many of the museum's exhibits are interactive like Theater 360 - it is one of the most popular places in the museum. Theater 360 is a spherical theater showing wrap-around movies about nature and space

The nearest to the museum train station is Ueno station  and the way will only take about 10 minutes

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