Biei: Fantastic Inland of Hokkaido


In Japanese, the word BI (美) means beauty and EI (瑛), crystal. The area of Biei, located in the center of the big island of Hokkaido, deserves its beautiful name. Located in the central part of the island, surrounded by high peaks mountains and lakes such as Shirogane Lake which is well-known for its crystal clear water. In winter, Hokkaido has temperatures comparable to the Scandinavian countries, the fields covered with snow, and the frozen lakes making this territory truly magical. It could be pleasant to visit Biei during summer too, far from the wet and heat climate of the rest of the country.

Hokkaido is a wide mountainous area, however, there are large plains that extend on the horizon for kilometers favorable to cultivation. This makes in the region remarkable landscapes, with huge fields and a stunning variety of colors with in the background the magnificent snow-capped mountains such as Mount Nakaoyama,Tokachi,Furano or Asahi.

The inland of Hokkaido is partly served by the JR Furano line, which gives you access to several interested places ? Near Bibaushi station is the Shikisai No Oka flower park, one of the most famous scenic parks in the northern part of the Japanese archipelago. The fields mix the colors of tulips, sunflowers, and lavender, according to each season. You could stroll a mini buggy around the park or ride aboard a “bus tractor” to relax in this incredible landscape.

Much further south is the Tokachi volcano, the origin of the geological formation of this region and the emergence of hot springs, which men have come to appreciate. If you go to Mount Tokachi, do not miss the beautiful hikes it offers,  in lunar landscape, then you could relax in one of the many natural onsens (hot springs). It is a little further north of the mountain that you will reach Shirogane lake. The colors of this lake vary according to the seasons, but it is during springtime, after the melting snow, that the lake takes on its mysterious and fantastic turquoise blue that makes it so popular. Not far from the lake, do not miss the impressive Shirage waterfalls, surrounded by wonderful nature.

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