The Mediterranean atmosphere of Yokosuka - Part 2

After the feast at the Japanese-style inn, we've decided to head on to explore some more. We came across a plantation of... strawberries?

It wasn't as evident at first so we moved in a little bit closer...

The sign says "Welcome to Kayama freshly-picked strawberry farm!"

We've entered the space inbetween the greenhouses and were greeted by the strawberry farm staff. They told us that they offer all-you-can-eat 30-minute strawberry experience. The premise is that you pay for the entry to the greenhouse, walk along the furrows, pick the strawberries with your own and eat as many as you like in the allotted time. Challenge accepted!

We were given a sweet milky sauce to dip the strawberries in as well (free of charge to refill it at the entrance too).

Even though, the previous experience (see Part 1 on the blog) left us with little space in our stomachs, we couldn't pass up on this opportunity. The fruits are quite expensive in Japan so this one was a bargain. It seems to be open throughout most of the year (from the beginning of January until the beginning of June). The good thing is, it is always warm inside the greenhouse, regardless of the outside weather, so you don't have to worry about the weather conditions.

P.S. We don't recommend going there on a full stomach. Leave a lot of space for these incredibly delicious treats of nature :)

Before we've noticed, it was already late afternoon so we went to relax somewhere in the nature.
We came across the "Jōrakuji temple" which had some secrets hidden from the casual tourist.

Not in front of the temple, but rather in the back....

This is the grave of the Baron Hisoka Maejima (January 24, 1835 - April 27, 1919), the founder of the Japanese postal service, also known as the "Father of the Postal System" in Japan. He was also a key figure in establishing other ways of communication in Japan, such as his own newspapers, a railroad company, Japanese state-owned telephone service... Needless to say, a great figure for Japanese history, so it's not a big suprise that more than a few of the Japanese postage stamps have his face on them.

It was a fulfilling day. Yokosuka seems to offer more than meets the eye, but most importantly, it offers substance. Whether we're talking about its food, history or nature, there is a lot you can learn, see and experience.

Yokosuka welcomes you!

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